UNC Charlotte Police Advisory:

Off Campus Assault

When the UNC Charlotte Police Department verifies that a serious incident has occurred on or even off campus and believes it could impact the University Community, we issue an advisory to increase everyone’s awareness and safety.

On 3/16/08 (Saturday night/Sunday morning) at approx. 3 AM, at University Terrace North Apartments on Diploma Drive – After leaving a party with friends, a female student walked a distance behind them. As she left the first floor breezeway, a male came down the stairway and asked where she was going. He tried to touch her in a lewd manner while making a sexual remark. The victim screamed, knocked on a nearby door, and ran toward her friends. The suspect ran away, and the victim was not injured. The victim and her friends drove to campus to report the incident. The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police were then notified. The suspect was described as: male, black, approx. 25 years old, 5″10″, 160 lbs, dark complexion, short hair, moustache, short sleeved red t-shirt, dark blue jeans, dirty white sneakers, and a blue baseball style cap.

Walk/jog/bike in groups of three or more in well-lighted and well-traveled areas … Stay together in those groups as opposed to walking a few feet ahead or behind where companions may lose sight or cannot clearly hear what is going on … Only invite to parties guests that you know well or who your good friends know well … Do not allow univited strangers into your social functions … Avoid using headphones or cell phones, which are popular robbery items … Avoid wearing flashy or expensive jewelry. Wait until you are inside a safe place/event to put it on … If alone, call UNC Charlotte Police Department’s free safety escort service at 7-2200 … On campus after dark, use one of nearly 300 „blue light“ emergency phones to request an escort or report suspicious activities. … Keep doors and windows closed and locked at all times. Do not open the door to strangers. … Immediately report suspicious persons to the police as well as to on-duty security officers and landlords.


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