Vandalismus – Rassismus?

Dear Residents of Witherspoon:
At some point last night, two acts of vandalism occurred in the building. The second floor bulletin board, which celebrated many important figures in Black history, was ripped in half. Additionally, graffiti that was racist in nature was written on one of the first floor bulletin boards.
While vandalism of any sort is clearly unacceptable, I am more disheartened by the fact that these particular acts were targeted towards a specific group of people. I hope that you all would agree that you do not want to live in an environment where these actions are considered acceptable behavior.
I am well aware that often times, non-residents are responsible for this kind of behavior, and I would hope that no residents of this building would think that destroying property and artwork of any kind is tolerated. If this is the case, however, please understand that you are responsible for the actions and the conduct of your guests.
Destruction of school property is a serious offense, especially when a specific group of students is targeted. If you know of information related to these acts, please tell a member of the housing staff, as damage to school property carries with it monetary and disciplinary consequences.
We have had a terrific year so far, and we should not let the acts of one individual bring down the integrity and class of all Witherspoon residents.

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